Old Market Farmers Market Summer ’17

Old Market Farmers Market

Omaha, NE– Open Saturdays 8:00 am- 12:30 pm

Located on 519 S 11th St, Omaha, NE 68102


I can’t believe I have completed my Omaha Farmers Market Tour for the summer- it feels like I was experiencing the wonders of these events for the first time not too long ago.

Each market I had the pleasure visiting was unique in its own way and brought something new to the table. I was even blessed enough to have great company on each trip! Starting with my supportive mother, continuing with my forever friend Braeden, and ending with two of my besties, Teryn and Katelyn. These two gracious souls agreed to make the trip to downtown Omaha on such short notice at the crack of dawn with me on Saturday morning, but boy was it worth it!

My BFFS, Katelyn & Teryn

Each of us bought a beautiful bouquet handcrafted by a local farmer placed in an adorable hand-made vase by his wife. For only $5 each, Katelyn bought two (😆) and Teryn and I each got one. I’ll reuse that cute piggy pink vase forever! I urge you to make a trip to his stand, Sunderman Produce, to add a lovely centerpiece to your kitchen, too!



Some other creative aspects the Old Market farmers market included were homemade dog treats, a make-your-own terrarium stand, a large variety of fruit salsas, an abundance of fruits, spaghetti squash, golden beets, and multi-colored tomatoes & peppers. A taco truck even made an appearance!


Another Sunderman Produce gem- BLACKBERRIES!
Peaches and multi-colored tomatoes
Melons on melons… the first market I’ve seen to have watermelons, cantaloupe, peaches, blackberries, and spaghetti squash!
Tons of multi-colored peppers
Another stand dedicated to gorgeous bouquets…flowers are just as important to overall health as food is people! And doesn’t this crafty sign just blow you away?! Flora’s Dial is also a fabulous stand to buy from to color your home.
By far my favorite stand display! There are so many colors and different options of produce (including golden beets) to choose from, and the woven baskets are the perfect touch to make buyers content knowing the veggies are straight from the farm.
The amount of flowers we saw on Saturday was insanely amazing. Too bad my yard doesn’t look like this!
The most creative idea I’ve ever seen- a make-your-own terrarium stand!! (I’m regretting my decision to not make one now…it would’ve been a great addition to my dorm room)
A stand with the whole package: flowers, fruits and vegetables

Of course I couldn’t pass up a stop to The Gourmet Granola stand- after all, they are my favorite granola brand. What’s not to like when their mission is to include all natural ingredients, no added sugars, be low fat and low calorie AND gluten-free? It is so hard to find a granola brand that follows these exact guidelines, and I’m so fortunate to have one right in my hometown of Omaha, NE. I was talking with the owner on Saturday and she announced the release of a Pumpkin Spice flavored granola this fall! I’m going to order on their website and stock up because my pumpkin-loving self will need this granola to get through the upcoming weather and long study days in the library.

Trying out a new flavor of loose granola: Cinnamon Vanilla

I guarantee you’ll fall in love with this granola you guys, and lucky for you, The Gourmet Granola is having a market only special; get one pack of 6 granola bars and one 12 oz. bag of loose granola for only $10! Stop by the Old Market farmers market on Saturday mornings from 8:00 am-12:30 pm or to the Aksarben Village farmers market on Sunday mornings from 9:00 am-1:00 pm to get your hands on this deal– just thank me later😌


My purchases from the Old Market farmers market! My bouquet and vase, Peanut Butter granola bars and Cinnamon Vanilla loose granola from The Gourmet Granola, and two homemade strawberry dog treats for my pup’s belated birthday!

Reflecting on my first summer touring the different farmers markets in my community, I am thrilled to say I’ve never felt closer to a group of people who care so much about promoting local businesses. I’ve learned so much by just taking a little bit of my time to visit a few markets and experience what each one had to offer. Healthier alternatives are easier to access than you might think, and there’s endless opportunities at your local farmers market.

Thank you to all the people I met throughout this summer’s journey, and thank you to those who attended with me! I am so excited for next summer’s adventures! Until May Omaha…



2 thoughts on “Old Market Farmers Market Summer ’17

  1. I’m sad that your Omaha Farmers Market tour is done :-(. I forgot to mention when we were driving through downtown Burg yesterday I saw a sign for a farmers market !

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